“Mousseline-Jerusalem” is a boutique ice cream parlor, offering a selection of fine French ice creams and fresh fruit sorbets.

We, in Mousseline-Jerusalem, are meticulous about the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of the ice cream: quality cocoa powder, real Belgian chocolate, Bourbon vanilla sticks from Madagascar, espresso and espresso coffee (100% Arabica).

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Ice Cream & Sorbet

Along with the traditional (excellent) flavors of vanilla-coffee-chocolate, you can find in Mousseline unusual flavors such as; black sesame ice cream, Matcha ice cream, wasabi, saffron ice cream, and chai masala ice cream.

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  • Ice Cream / Sorbet

  • גלידות במשקל ירושלים

    Ice Cream by Weight

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Ice cream can be ordered via phone

Mahane Yehuda

HaArmonim 2, Jerusalem, Israel


Sun-Wed 11:00-23:00 | Thu 09:00-23:00
Fri 07:30-15:30 | Sat 18:00-23:00


HaNasi 10, Jerusalem, Israel


Sun-Wed 10:00-23:00 | Thu 09:00-23:00
Fri 07:30-15:30 | Sat 18:00-23:00


Yad Harutsim 4, Jerusalem, Israel


Sun-Thu 12:00-17:00 | Fri 09:00-14:00

Beit HaKerem

Herzl Blvd 103, Jerusalem, Israel


Sun-Thu 12:00-17:00
Fri 09:00-15:00 | Sat Close

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